AP Octane 2.0 // Octane for Blender Addon

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AP Octane 2.0 // Octane for Blender Addon

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AP Octane 2.0 is an addon for Blender, that is meant to help you on your Octane for Blender journey. 

AP Octane 2.0 Promo Video!

There are many helpful shortcuts for commonly used render settings, passes, links to videos and documentation, Vectron™ Objects, Scatter on Surface Object, Displacement examples and more. 

Some of the new features from V1 include:

  • Scatter on Surface Demo

  • Vectron Objects

  • Set Up Light Linking

  • Restart OctaneServer (experimental)

This was a total rewrite of the addon, and the good news is that it will be easier for me to update the addon moving forward, so let me know if you have any issues or feature requests!

AP Octane Promo Video
AP Octane Tutorial Video
Octane for Blender YouTube Playlist

AP Octane 2.0 Full Tutorial

The following artwork was made using the Vectron objects in AP Octane:

I want this!

AP Octane 2.0


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